The tides have turned and it’s time to rage! Get ready for CBT Phase 2! 

Due to the helpful feedback gathered from all newbies and veteran MU Legend players alike, PlayPark is pleased to announce the second phase of the MU Legend Closed Beta Test! Regroup with your comrades and allies as the Continent opens to the public once again!

The evil depths of the Pandemonium have been temporarily sealed, thanks to all the gallant warriors of the Closed Beta Test. But hidden in the crevices of the dark abyss, a menace still lurks. Warriors of the light, prepare yourselves for MU Legend Closed Beta Test Phase 2!

CBT Phase 2 Date: October 9, 2020 (3:00 PM GMT+8) to October 13, 2020 (11:59 PM GMT+8)

MU Legend CBT Phase 2: Twice as good

Listening to the community has always been the center of each successful launch, and PlayPark is dedicated to bringing the best service to its players. The community has spoken, and we all have listened. Each piece of feedback has been considered and MU Legend CBT Phase 2 aims to provide a sneak peek of what is truly in store for everyone. 

From all the minute details from each player, to the general consensus of the whole community, MU Legend aims to pave a brand new way for the MMOARPG genre, specifically for the whole South East Asia. Players all over the region will be able to experience a much bigger MU Legend, with quality of life improvements implemented every step of the way. New players will experience the rich content the game has to offer, and veterans will be able to stir nostalgia with an unknown yet subtle sense of familiarity with PlayPark MU Legend.

Everything is lovelier the second time around – The CBT Phase 2 Rewards

All players who participated in the initial CBT will receive their CBT 1 rewards during the OBT period. By participating in the 2nd phase of the CBT, players are entitled to these amazing CBT 2 rewards, in addition to their existing CBT 1 rewards. Check out the list of the items below:

CBT Phase 2 Rewards:

  • Black Dragon’s Full Armor Chest (30 Days)
  • 1000% Growth Potion x2
  • Rugard’s Blessing x10
  • 500,000 Soul Exp Potion x10
  • Holy Recovery Potions L x5

Please keep in mind that these items will be awarded during the OBT period. Players will be able to fully enjoy their journey in the Continent with these wonderful freebies, permanently and hassle-free.

MU Legend Closed Beta Test Phase 2: Full throttle ahead!

The Closed Beta Test 2 will let you new MU Legend features in full, starting from the addition of the Black Phantom class to the enhanced character customization via the Soul System. Each character that you’ll make will be unique as you customize perks and skills. No cooldowns? No problem. The Soul System will let you explore endless possibilities for each single character so you can play your own way. 

Closed Beta Test Phase 2: Here comes the Open Beta Test!

After the CBT Phase 2 will be the Open Beta Test. Take your adventure with you as there will be no more wipes and no more reverts. Characters created on the OBT will remain playable, and you get to keep any items earned during the OBT. However, this will not begin until the preparations from CBT 2 are complete, so gather your friends and begin exploring the Continent once again. 

Warriors! Get ready to pop your knuckles, wring your wrists, make sure you are hydrated, as the battle for the Continent continues. Explore the world of MU Legend with a different perspective as the CBT Phase 2 begins!