“Darkness cannot be driven out by darkness, only the light can do that.” – And we, Warriors of the Legend, will be the light of the Continent. Darkness may loom over us all but we will triumph! Men and women of the Continent, ready your weapons and arm yourselves as we extend the MU Legend Pre-Registration Period!

MU Legend Pre-Registration is EXTENDED by popular demand

Due to persistent public demands, we will be extending the preregistration for MU Legend starting today, September 9, 2020. All participants who will be able to preregister within the extension period will be eligible for the existing Preregistration Rewards. Please take note that the Preregistration Rewards will be awarded during the OBT period.

Pre-registration Extension: September 9, 2020 – October 8, 2020 (11:59PM GMT+08)

Eligibility: Open to anyone who has not pre-registered yet.

Pre-registration link: https://preregister.playpark.com/mulegend/

All pre-registration participants will receive these awesome rewards:

▪️Tier 3 Pet Chest (1 pc)

▪️Jewel of Bless (5 pcs)

▪️Cleric of Struggle Chest (10 Days)

▪️Resurrection Stone of Life (20 pcs)

▪️Growth Potion: 100% (5 pcs)

▪️Megaphone x10

The pre-registration rewards mentioned above will be awarded in the Open Beta Test period. Characters, items, and character progression gained during the Closed Beta Test will be wiped out once the CBT period is over.

Brave warriors called out by the light! We will be at the doorstep, ravenous and ready, waiting for the opportunity to strike the Pandemonium Army. The MU Legend Closed Beta Test Begins!