MU Legend. The first two letters alone represent a timeless classic of boundless wonder and exploration. Who can forget those days of adventuring to make your character the strongest and meanest to ever walk the continent of MU? 

PlayPark’s latest addition to its fine selection of games offers a virtual campaign that will take you deeper into the Legend of MU starting with an impressive line-up of five new classes to choose from.

The Dark Lords

The Dark Lords were an order of valiant knights who once were revered on and off the battlefield for their glorious deeds. On the brink of the fall of their crusade, they made the ultimate sacrifice to gain great power at the expense of their humanity. 

The Dark Lords can utilize either a one-handed scepter and shield or a two-handed bludgeon to sow chaos among enemies. He is endurance personified; unmatched in pitched melee combat, his skill magnified by his HP and defense.

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The Whisperers

The settlers of the outlands ride with the sound of the wind, concealed in the stillness of the Whispering Forest, hence their name: the Whisperers. Adept at stealth and trained in special tactics that make them effective and capable either in groups or alone, the Whisperers harness the energy of nature and the elements to pick apart the ranks of monsters and opponents.

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The Whisperers use either bows or bow guns to demolish even the most difficult foes on the battlefield with relative ease and safety from a distance.

The Bladers

Fueled by immense rage, Bladers are the product of experimentation on imperial warriors to increase their strength and prowess in combat. From the results emerged a berserker, wild warriors with unquenchable thirst for battle.

The Blader can act as a tank and a damage dealer with his breathtaking mobility and powerful melee attacks. Bladers use either dual one handed swords to increase their attack speed or a two handed sword for more impactful cleaving strikes.

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The War Mages

Owing to their incredible magical abilities, mages were perceived to be a threat to mankind, and thus were banished from populous cities into the fringes of society. Upon their exile, they served as mercenaries to those willing to accept that magic was an effective tool of warfare. Over time, the War Mages learned to perfect their control of elemental forces not meant for mortal hands.

War Mages use a staff for long ranged magical attacks synonymous with mage builds. However, they have been known to use a magic sword and grimoire to make them effective assassins by engaging at  melee range.

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The Spellbinders

The origins of the Spellbinders are shrouded in mystery, but their roles in supporting war efforts across MU without regard for danger to their own lives have built an impressive reputation worthy of mention in any legend or tale.

The Spellbinders use their psychic powers to manipulate a two-handed chain blade or a chakram to deal damage to their enemies, while providing aid to their allies and debuffing opponents. A powerful and dependable group of heroes loved by her all; the Spellbinder is someone who their enemies also won’t soon forget.

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Assemble your party, or strike out into the unknown alone – the choice is yours on how to write your own legend in Mu. Take a side with one of these incredible beings and embody the heroism that built the empires of the continent from a never-before-seen point of view. Weave magic together with martial ability and uncover their, and your, true potential. Be a legend amongst legends!